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魚の揚げ蒸し煮 cooked by The Fish
Fried and steamed fish cooked by The Fish


Before I started to cook “real fish” (not already cut, or a frozen one), I thought it is very difficult and takes time to cook. As for every thing you cook for the first time, cooking fresh real fish is not as difficult as you imagined.

What you need to cook the fish is
Tools: a Wok pan or some other wide pan and a sharp knife.
Ingredients: Fresh fish, Purjolök, ruccola,
Sauce: Sesame oil, Soy sauce, Sake, Gräslök, garlic, Ginger, Chilli,

You can buy daily fresh white fish like Grouper or Gös. Pink fish like RÖding is very nice as well. You can ask in the shop which fish is nice at the particular season. If you ask them to remove the skin and take out the stomach of the fish at the market, it is easier to cook at home. Just before you cook the fish, you make some cuts on both sides of the fish to increase the heat transfer into the fish.

Before you start to heat the wok pan, let’s make the sauce. Mix a little bit more than 1/2 a cup of soy sauce and 2 table spoons of Sake. Add chopped Gräslök, garlic, JGinger and Chilli. After that, start to warm up the wok pan with sesame oil. You should use quite a lot of oil (like half to 1 cup) for the nice taste. After some minutes, a wonderful smell will come from the warm pan, that is the smell of the sesame oil. Put the fish in the pan and fry it about 10 minutes.


Pour hot sesame oil on the fish from time to time during you fry, then you can cook the top side of the fish also without turning the fish. After that, you add the sauce which you already prepared and put a lid on. Even if you did not fry it perfectly, you steam the fish at this time.

When the fish is finished, add Purjolök, ruccola, coriander etc and serve it. Fresh lemon juice will also be nice together with this dish.

The fish is very nice together with white rice. The combination of the juice from the fish and the rice is wonderful. Please don’t put any soy sauce on the rice, but use this sauce instead.

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by jordgubbsglass | 2008-07-26 07:33 | Foods (etc.)
Moules marinière cooked by jordgubbsglass
ムール貝のマリエール cooked by jordgubbsglass


One sad thing in Sweden is it is really difficult to get vongole. We use vongole in Japanese food quite often and it is nice to eat it the Italian way as well. Vongole miso soup is one of my favourites and spaghetti vongole bianco is definitely the best way to eat pasta! Even if we fined vongole at the supermarket it is very expensive as daily food! So, I started to use moule instead. They are not so expensive and nice too. I usually use moule in the same way of vongole, but there was a dish which I really wanted to try with moule. That is the “Moules marinière”.
It was difficult to make it in Japan because moule is very difficult to find in Japan and it is expensive as well. Just like vongole in Sweden.

Mule mariniere is a very quick, easy and tasty dish! You just put butter, chopped eshallot, moule, white wine and some herbs (like thyme and bay leaf) at the same time and boil it. Once the moule opened, pour cream over them. Mix some parsley and peppers for the taste.
That’s it!
You can eat with french fries - French style. Nice bread is also nice together with moule.

If you have cold white wine in your fridge, then you should try to cook it as a starter! Then you can slowly start to cook the main dish.

If you do not feel like to cook at all, then you can go to Kungsholmen. They have nice Moule Mariniere and a very nice view!

by jordgubbsglass | 2008-07-05 01:28 | Foods (etc.)
Champaign butter made by jordgubbsglass
シャンパンバター made by jordgubbsglass


When you have planned a nice dinner at home, it is nice to make your own fresh butter! It sounds like it takes a long time,is inconvinient or difficult, but it’s not.
(By the way, how do you say “mendokusai” in English?)

This is very quick to make and it is tasty.
You need cream, a food processor and cold water (or Champaign!).

Just mix everything 2 to 3 minutes, then cream separates into fat (butter) and liquid (butter milk). Then you just separate them. That’s it.
Fresh butter is totally different from the one you buy at the supermarket.

In addition, if you want to keep the butter longer it is important to remove as much butter milk from the butter as possible. You can wash butter in cold water. But it is not a nice idea if you use Champaign instead. Then all the nice flavour will disappear I guess.

Please don’t throw away the butter milk. You can mix it in pancake, bread or some thing to bake!
by jordgubbsglass | 2008-06-27 06:21 | Foods (etc.)
Black olive tapenade cooked by The Fish

Mix black olives, garlic, and anchovy fillets. Quite a lot of lemon juice and nice quality olive oil is important tomake this really tasty.

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by jordgubbsglass | 2007-02-26 08:35 | Foods (etc.)
White fish soup cooked by jordgubbsglass

Tuesday is the pea soup day in Sweden. But Monday is usually soup day in our family.
We always put lot of leftover basically from weekend’s nice dinner in our big pot and make any kinds of soup.

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by jordgubbsglass | 2006-12-19 07:30 | Foods (etc.)
クリームパン, ベーカリー・ベルグ 南箕輪村
Custard bread, Bakery Berg in Minamiminowa village

I love custard! This custard bread is very special. It’s taste very deep. They use only organic ingredients for making breads.

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by jordgubbsglass | 2006-05-15 23:56 | Foods (etc.)
オイルフォンデュ from Stockholm
Oil fondue from Stockholm

I love to cook on the table and eat at the sametime. I think this idea is very similar to Japanese "Nabe".

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by jordgubbsglass | 2006-01-16 04:08 | Foods (etc.)
ビーフ・ブルゴーニュ cooked by The Fish
Boeuf bourguignon cooked by The Fish

寒くなりかけたころにThe Fishがこだわって作ったポトフ.冬はやっぱり煮込み料理に惹かれます.お肉と野菜をゆっくり煮込んだポトフは熱々をいただくのが最高!そしてこのポトフはいつものものとはちょっと違います.

DN. Mat & Dryck Boeuf bourguignon

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by jordgubbsglass | 2005-12-14 00:48 | Foods (etc.)
タンドリーチキン cooked by The Fish and jordgubbsglass
Tandoori chicken cooked by The Fish and jordgubbsglass

The whole apartment smells like an Indian restaurant.

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by jordgubbsglass | 2005-12-04 00:37 | Foods (etc.)
かんぱちのカルパッチョとヤーコンサラダ cooked by jordgubbsglass
Amberjack Carpaccio and Yacon Salad jordgubbsglass

Simply slice raw fish (Tuna, Bream, Amberjack etc.) and put salt, pepper, lemon juice and olive oil on. It is nice to eat with fresh salad!

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by jordgubbsglass | 2005-11-19 16:49 | Foods (etc.)